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Ashram Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat Review

Ashram Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat Review

Yoga is a practice that maintains balance, mindfulness and serenity for practitioners of this pursuit. It also adheres to the care and conservation of our environment. Thus for serious yogis, an eco-friendly yoga mat is a must.

Thankfully, Ashram is here to provide their Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat, a mat that promises not to slip, rip or tear due to frequent usage, or lose its tackiness so customers can use them for a longer time. To boot, they are the choice for eco-conscious folks. Let us discuss whether this particular item is worth the purchase.


  • Features dimensions of 25” by 75”
  • Has a thickness of 5mm (1/5”)
  • Is made from thermoplastic elastomer material
  • Is double-sided high and low density
  • Features non-slip attributes
  • Non-toxic
  • PVC-free and chloride-free


Ashram is dedicated to providing serious yogis sustainable and environment-friendly gear for the practice. This particular mat is crafted from 100% recyclable materials that will assist every yogi on his or her pursuit.

The mat has a width, thickness and size that will suit all skill levels from beginners down to advanced practitioners. It measures 25” wide and has a length of 75”, which is roomy enough for yogis with average height.

It has a double-sided high and low density feature to provide users extra traction and support. The high-density part of the mat secures the user in place on the floor.

For extra padding, users can turn to the low-density part for comfort during seated or lying poses. The mat is also made to be universal; it will suit styles ranging from restorative yoga down to more dynamic styles like Vinyasa.

But the feature that most customers liked about the product was its eco-friendly attributes. It is made from one hundred percent recyclable materials without the severe chemical smell that you will find on subpar mats.

The company also promises to plant a tree with every product sold by partnering with the TreeCycler. Thus with the use of the mat, you are also, in a sense, helping the environment.

Customers who bought the item have plenty of nice things to say about the product. According to one user, the item was well-balanced measured against other mats she owned. She added that the extra-lengthy size and wideness of the mat was perfect for both high and low density yoga.

Several customers also took note of its lack of smell, which is important to plenty of practitioners. Many have said that the product does not have any nasty chemical odors to it.

As for its ability to stick to the floor? A lot of customers were satisfied with this feature. A number of them shared that the mat was able to stay in place decently.

The strap that was included in the package was also welcome since it made carrying and rolling up easier. The strap also made storing the item easy and hassle free.


There were several customers who were not satisfied with the product. One said that the yoga mat felt a bit cheap. He also added that despite the company claims that the mat will stay in place, whether damp or dry, in his case it did not.

Some also noticed that it was not that durable as compared with standard PVC mats. According to one customer, the mat ripped after using it for 4 weeks.

Another customer who bought the mat for hot yoga shared that she was disappointed with the product; during her routine, her hands and feet kept slipping all over the minute she started to sweat. While it was nice that the item was well-cushioned, it was not ideal for certain yoga styles like hot yoga.


Customers who are after green, sustainable products should check out Ashram’s Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat. It is true that the item is made from a high percentage of recyclable materials and the fact that the company will plant a tree for every item bought makes the whole purchase worthwhile.

However, this might not be ideal for certain kinds of yoga styles, particularly those that incorporate more movement. This is not ideal for folks who tend to sweat a lot as well since, as mentioned by several customers above, the mat had a tendency to slip and slide.

This is recommended for yoga styles that involve seating and lying poses because of its sufficient amount of cushioning. If you want a mat with great traction, it is best that you get another mat that promises to do just that.