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Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat Review

Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat Review

The most incredibly popular premium mat from Jade Yoga, a company that started out by making non-slip natural rubber rug pads for area rugs of all kinds in the early 70s, the Harmony Professional is one of the best yoga mats of its kind in terms of the skill used in its construction. Lightweight, yet still having incredible grip, the Harmony Professional stands out as a professional mat that is easy to use, yet fit for a variety of uses.

Made from renewable natural rubber, instead of synthetic materials like PVC, EVA or other synthetic rubbers, the Harmony Professional is an environmental-friendly mat that provides exceptional comfort for whatever poses your yoga activity requires of you. All Jade Yoga mats, with the Harmony Professional being no exception, are made in full compliance with all US environmental, labor and consumer protection laws and certifications.

Offering that perfect symmetry between comfort and stability, the Jade Harmony Professional is an incredible fitness choice with great value over its cost efficiency.


  • Manufactured with all-natural and renewable rubber from the Far East; free from any synthetic rubbers and materials; open-cell rubber construction ensures a non-slip surface, both for you and the floor
  • Incredible slip-resistance technology derived from natural rubber
  • 3/16” thick, perfect for a variety of purposes; rolls easily and without much constraint; weighs only up to 4.8 lbs. for easier storage and carrying for all purposes
  • Comes in a variety of lengths with a constant width of 24”, 68”, 71” and 74”, all made for a variety of purposes that fit your specific needs
  • Comes in an incredible variety of colors as well: Black, Jade Pink, Jade Saffron, Jade Teal, Key Lime, Midnight Blue, Olive Green, Orchid, Purple, Raspberry, Sedona Red, Slate Blue, Tibetan Orange, Two tone-Chili Pepper/Sedona Red, Two tone-Lavender/Purple, Two tone-Slate/Midnight
  • Each color supports a cause with every purchase through Jade Yoga’s very own Color Cause program; $5 from each sale of teal mats go to ovarian cancer causes, $5 from each sale of pink mats go to breast cancer charities and $5 from each sale of saffron mats go to autism causes
  • Environment friendly and made with the strictest compliance to all US labor, manufacturing and consumer laws


As one of the premium mats manufactured by Jade Yoga, the Harmony Professional is a higher class when it comes to its construction. Since its full inception back in 2002, Jade Yoga has been a manufacturer committed to making the best performing, yet still environment-friendly yoga mats that all yoga enthusiasts would find a joy to own.

The Harmony Professional is made with all-natural rubber—no synthetic mixes to cheapen the cost and ruin the all-natural feel. Jade Yoga recognizes the need for rubber trees, and that’s why with every mat sold, they plant one to replace the one they used for the production of their high-end mats.

So far, Jade Yoga has been instrumental in planting over 850,000 trees, a testament to its mission, not just to produce all-natural yet high-quality mats, but to give back to the environment from which all their materials come from.

The open-cell construction used on the Harmony Professional means non-slip surfaces, even in the inevitable cases of the mat getting wet from perspiration. The Harmony Professional takes advantage of the simple fact that rubber has always been used in safety quotas that demand non-slip performances, and applies it to every inch of the mat itself.

The result is a fully natural rubber mat with a very high slip resistance, free from any synthetic and non-organic materials.

The Harmony Professional comes in a variety of sizes that will fit most of the needs presented by a variety of people. The Harmony Professional also features a wide variety of colors, with some of them also functional; through their own Color Cause program, $5 from each mat sold of a specific color will be donated to either ovarian cancer, breast cancer or autism causes.

This is in full support of Jade Yoga’s very own charitable causes that extend not only to the environment, but to the people living in it as well.


Due to its open cell construction that keeps the mat slip free, the Harmony Professional has a tendency to become a huge robber sponge. For light yoga that doesn’t do that much to get you sweating, this is fine, but for more intense purposes like hot yoga, the mat will end up soaking so much sweat that it becomes sticky to use and the smell will not be so pleasant. This is something you should probably take into account with any open-cell natural rubber mat.


For a good price, you can have a Jade Yoga Harmony Professional, one of the most tried and trusted models of yoga mats out there. It offers unparalleled slip resistance for any number of yoga activities, and the social and environmental causes it supports are very noble.

If you don’t mind the smell that comes with heavy use, you’re good to go. If you’re sensitive to smells, however, and don’t like the fact that cleaning this is kind of a heavy thing to do, then you’d be better off finding a synthetic one for your purposes. Overall, though, you can’t argue that this mat is cost-efficient in all the right places.