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Manduka eKO Lite 4mm Natural Rubber Wet-Grip Yoga Mat Review

Manduka eKO Lite 4mm Natural Rubber Wet-Grip Yoga Mat Review

When it comes to eco-friendly solutions for day-to-day yoga practitioners, Manduka has always been a go-to choice. Unquestionable in its quality, yet also to its loyalty to preserving the environment, the manufacturer has always been about defining yoga as an incredible way of life that needs proper support from a well-made yet nature-friendly yoga mat.

Thus, their story goes on with the eKO Lite Mat, a representative of an inevitably bright future for the eco-friendly yoga mat.

Made from all-natural rubber, these mats undergo a completely toxic-free softening process and it is completely free of potentially harmful foaming agents and plasticizers found in other mats. The eKO Lite Mat offers you unparalleled grip in even during sweat-producing conditions under various fitness activities, not limited to yoga itself.

Fully biodegradable and from non-Amazon harvested natural rubber, this mat will help you support your body while protecting the environment that ultimately gave it existence.

A testament to what natural rubber can do even without synthesizing agents to help it, the eKO Lite Mat is perfect for those truly committed to saving the planet by reducing their landfill footprint with every purchase they make, even in something as small as a yoga mat.


  • Made from fully biodegradable, all-natural tree rubber with non-toxic foaming agents used in the softening process; the dyes used in the coloring are completely AZO-free as well.
  • Uses Tri-Layer technology which provides an unequal blend of performance, grip, comfort and durability
  • Top layer keeps moisture and sweat, which could grow bacteria, from seeping into the mat
  • Central layer constructed of stretch-resistant scrim that binds top and bottom layers together with heat, without the need for toxic glues
  • Bottom layer provides a lightweight cushion, making it the perfect mat for your yoga routines.
  • No synthetic polyesters used for reinforcing the materials; instead, a well-made blend of polyester and natural cotton is used for more comfort while strengthening the blend
  • Free from PVC and any other harmful plasticizers; 99 % latex-free
  • Developed over a span of four years by well-regarded yoga teachers
  • Measures only 68” x 24” x 4 mm; the mat itself weighs in at only 4.5 lbs.
  • All post-industrial scrap is collected and used in the production of other materials for a complete zero-waste manufacturing process.


The Manduka eKO Lite Mat is the perfect choice for practitioners who want the most-eco-friendly choice when it comes to their yoga mats. Made by Manduka, a manufacturing brand well-known and regarded for their nature-friendly solutions for all yoga purposes, the eKO Lite Mat is fast becoming known to most people as something of a high-performance mat that doesn’t skimp out when it comes to being friendly to nature.

Unlike most rubber mats today that boast their all-natural rubber feel, the eKO Lite Mat goes a step further and makes sure that all the processes involved in manufacturing are nature-friendly as well. It utilizes non-toxic foaming agents for the softening process, bonding and overall construction of the eKO Lite Mat’s three-layered construct.

The dyes used in the various colors of the eKO Lite Mat are all AZO-free as well.

In addition to its incredibly innovative manufacturing process, the eKO Lite Mat also utilizes a unique tri-layer design that results in a durable mat which is unparalleled in terms of construction. A sealed cell top layer helps keep sweat and moisture from seeping into the mat, which in turn sits atop a middle layer made from highly durable, stretch resistant scrim that holds the whole thing together using a toxic-free heating process.

The bottom layer acts as a slip-resistant base, with superior lightweight cushioning made possible for your practice.

Absolutely no synthetic polyesters were utilized in the reinforcing process; instead, the eKO Lite Mat uses a blend of polyester and natural cotton to strengthen and reinforce the whole material. The end result is a mat that is free from PVC or any other harmful plasticizer and 99 percent latex-free.

All materials used are biodegradable and non-Amazon harvested, so it actually does its part in helping out the environment.


Because of its non-use of synthetic materials that could’ve helped out a bit with refining the natural rubber, the mat can get slippery if it accumulates too much sweat. Though this is a little worrying, non-heavy sweaters should find no problem in using the mat at all.

Once it reaches a point where it is completely soaked, though, be extra mindful so as not to hurt yourself while using it.


The eKO Lite Mat is a mat that upholds its promises to being the most-eco-friendly it can be while still maintaining that degree of usefulness and functionality that you will not be disappointed it. A definite must-have if you care about the environment and you will feel better knowing you did your part in helping it.