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Pogamat XL Yoga Mats Review

Pogamat XL Yoga Mats Review

Yoga mats make poses during a practice smooth and continuous. Good yoga gear contributes to a great overall experience, so it is always recommended that enthusiasts should go for products that offer quality and stability. If you are the type who is not only into yoga, but other fitness pursuits as well, a mat that will work for such physical activities is convenient and will save you money in the long run.

Pogamat’s XL Yoga Mats have been praised by both fitness and yoga enthusiasts, plus it also promises to fit just about any size and height. We decided to test out the item and this is what we have to say about the product.


  • Measures 27” wide and can take in users up to 7’ tall
  • Has extra-thick, compressed memory foam at 6.5mm. Minimizes impact on users’ knees, hips, elbows and joints
  • Provides sufficient support while doing poses and push ups
  • Has no odor; non-flammable and environment friendly
  • Does not contain harmful toxins like phthalates, latex or silicone. Product is made from non-toxic synthetic materials
  • Features quality 2-sided surface; top has supple texture for additional grip and comfort, while the bottom has circular patterns for better traction.
  • Can be used on tile, carpet, cement, grass, hardwood and sandy surfaces.
  • Includes lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects


Pogamat’s XL Yoga Mats is a mat that is designed to be versatile. Never mind that the company refers to the product as a yoga mat, it can be readily employed on all kinds of exercises.

The company claims that the product is cardio and plyo friendly and has the needed cushioning that fitness and yoga enthusiasts need to seamlessly carry on with their routines.

The product measures 27” wide and it can accommodate individuals as tall as 7’. It is built from topnotch ultra-dense environment-friendly PVC without harmful toxins like phthalates. It does not have silicone’s or latex as well, remains odor-free and is manufactured with strict eco-friendly construction methods.

We have been using the item for 3 months now and we are glad to report back that the material does not easily succumb to wear and tear. We have also tested the product by using shoes every now and then during routines, but still it maintained its decent form.

Hence, this is quality and excellent craftsmanship at work here. The item is also designed with rounded corners which contributed to its ability to stay flat at all times. You can roll the item up after a yoga session, and it won’t curl up along the edges like other mats we could mention.

Before using the mat though, the company advises to break the item in first. The product features a thin layer of protective coating which can feel slick at first. Users can break it in by scouring the entire thing with a clean cloth and warm water.

You can do your exercise routines on the mat first before trying it during a yoga session to make the break-in period fly by faster. Once the item settles down, you will benefit from its excellent traction and grip.

The item is built for intense workouts and a variety of yoga styles; thus you will be spared from buying a separate yoga for every fitness routine. The item features sufficient padding to cushion users’ joints and give additional support for dynamic movement.

As for its size, the size is twice as broad as that of a standard yoga mat and it also features an additional 10” so users can move about freely on the mat.

Other than yoga, users can employ the product on other physical activities like cardio, plyo, Pilates, body weight regimens and exercises that you can do at home.


The item was a bit heavier than the standard yoga mat. It weighs around 8-9 pounds and it might prove to be a challenge for those who travel to their yoga classes. This will fit better in a home environment.

As for other people who did not like the product: One complained that the mat was not 100% odor free. According to her, frequent washing did not remove the chemical smell of the mat. This may not work out for individuals with sensitive noses.


A quality yoga mat can be pricy, but if you invest in a mat that can take in not only yoga, but other physical fitness routines as well, you may be saving more money than you think. A multi-purpose model is a good investment in your fitness routines and yoga practice. Pogamat’s XL Yoga Mat is durable, has great construction, is versatile and provides good grip and stability.

However, this might not be for folks who have sensitive noses.