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Square 36 Large Yoga Mat Review

Square 36 Large Yoga Mat Review

Practicing yoga on a mat, apart from the ground, carpet or bare floor, has its benefits. Larger ones, on one hand, can accommodate users with their routines.

No longer will users have to contend with limited spaces and step out of their mats in the middle of yoga practice, now upsized mats like Square 36’s Large Yoga Mat are here to provide not only the dimensions, but also all of the benefits that yoga mats bring to practitioners of the activity. Below are the product’s features, pros and cons.


  • Measures 72” x 48” with a thickness of 6mm
  • Designed for yoga and stretching exercises, minus shoes
  • Built with top grade, quality non-toxic materials
  • Free from phthalates, latex, silicone and toxins
  • Can be used as an underlay for other Square 36 mats


A yoga mat can surely up your yoga practice and make it a more enjoyable and enlightening experience. It offers support and cushioning from the elements, and for plenty of users, it provides a good amount of padding on the joints especially during lying and seated poses. In addition, it acts as a buffer on less-than-clean surfaces, like carpeting from hotel rooms and guesthouses.

The mat can also absorb the sweat of the user as he or she progresses from one pose to another, especially for hot yoga, wherein the room is significantly heated up to 80 degrees or more. Poses like the Downward Dog can be challenging for beginners, so in order to hasten their familiarity with the pose, they can practice on a yoga mat first.

A mat will also act as a means to transform any location into a blessed yoga room. It turns into a notably marked space for practicing the activity.

As one starts to get into his or her routine on the yoga mat, it will start to feel as if the mat is becoming a part of you, bit by bit. Such is the case of Square 36’s Large Yoga Mat for its loyal pack of customers.

A number of customers loved that it was excellent for bodyweight exercises. It has enough cushioning to provide comfort for poses that require leaning on the forearms or kneeling.

People also liked that the mat stays in place for the duration of a practice. It did not budge or slip around, so you will retain your balance particularly during those standing poses. Customers who used the mat with a carpet said that it worked just fine in conjunction with this living room fixture.

While the size of the yoga mat is larger than a standard mat, it is not too large or heavy. Many customers liked that it was lengthy enough to be stretched out completely and not be hanging off of its end. According to one customer, she was glad that the size was ample enough for her height and that is was sufficiently soft for use on a floor with ceramic tiles.

As for the materials, customers liked the fact that it was made from non-toxic materials that do not pose as a risk to users and the environment. There were also long-time customers who added that the mat was durable and sturdy enough that it could last through frequent routines.

Lastly, the company has advised that the mat needs some breaking in before it can work to its full potential; thus, users first have to use it a number of times until it gains greater traction.


While the mat has garnered enough praise for its features and functions, there were also some complaints, although minor. One customer said that the mat is not ideal for smaller apartments due to its larger dimensions.

There were also some customers who noticed that their hands slid a bit when sweating while using the mat. However, it was only a minor issue that did not have any effect on their yoga routines, so this was tolerable.

There were also customers who were disappointed that they were not be able to use it in energetic exercise routines and gym workouts with their shoes on.


The hardworking Square 36 Large Yoga Mat has been praised for its consistency by a number of satisfied customers. Those positive comments are testament enough that the item is something that’s worth checking out and investing in.

It is hardwearing, comfortable, has enough size to fit every yogi’s needs, and it is made from earth-friendly, non-toxic materials. Eco-conscious folks might need to see this one if they want a mat that corresponds with their ideals.