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The Best Yoga Mat Brands

The Best Yoga Mat Brands

Choosing the right yoga mat can be a daunting task without the proper knowledge. And while fitting criteria might be enough for almost all purposes, there are different mats out there that offer almost all the same features. This can often lead to indecision and general confusion, which in turn can actually bring about disappointment in your choice because you found out that it is not the one you’re looking for. Because of these conundrums, fitting a particular criterion might not be enough.

Therefore, branding is equally as important, because you end up knowing a lot of things from their philosophy. Although one can make the argument that branding is not everything, it can be as important as the features itself; brand means trust, which most yogis want to have for them to establish a long-standing connection in terms of the tools they use.

There is a wide variety of very good yoga mats out there, so finding one that most suits your purpose and your vision should be a relatively straightforward thing to do. Their experiences in yoga mat manufacturing differ, as also their materials and the company’s philosophy, which is important if you’re championing a certain cause such as the well-being of the environment.

However, be careful of the actual purchase, especially if it’s made online—as you will only get to hold and see it once it’s on your doorstep, there’s a chance that it might not be what you’re looking for.

Here are some of the best yoga mat brands on the market today.

Jade Yoga

With a mission to make the world’s best performing and most environmentally friendly yoga products while giving back to the earth with every product, Jade Yoga is one of the top manufacturers of yoga mats today.

Jade Yoga specializes in creating all-natural yoga mats that make no harmful impact upon the environment and are completely free from any harmful and inorganic plastics. The brand is very well known for their Harmony Professional mat, the very first one they put out.

With its incredible functionality and pleasing aesthetic, Jade Yoga is truly one of the innovators of yoga mats today.

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Yoga Design Lab

Mixing a well-concocted blend of great design, technical innovation, impeccable quality and sustainability on all fronts, makes Yoga Design Lab a premiere brand for yoga practitioners. With every product they make, the prime goal is to blend fashion-forward design elements with incredibly innovative functionality while maintaining bio-renewable consciousness.

Their products range from those made with natural tree rubber to comfortable and environment-friendly microfibers to create a lineup that’s as diverse as everyone’s needs. But perhaps their true innovation comes in the form of the Combo Yoga Mat, which combines microfiber comfort with natural rubber’s grip.

It’s a testament to the endless functionality offered by Yoga Design Lab, a true powerhouse when it comes to yoga products.

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Named in honor of the Mandukasana pose, more commonly known as the frog, Manduka is one of the more well-known brands in yoga today. This is mostly because the quality and performance offered by a Manduka mat is still generally unmatched in the marketplace.

All products in their lineup are created using the simplest, yet enduring, completely natural processes and materials. Their fine attention to detail also makes Manduka products certainly a lot more reliable than most of the other brands today.

Their most popular mat to date, the eKO Lite Mat, has become somewhat of a favorite amongst yogis and instructors alike. Mandukaand their products meld simplicity and functionality and wrap it in a beautiful aesthetic.

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Bearing a name that is the fusion of Gaia, or mother Earth, with “I am,” to symbolize our deep and personal relationship with this blue planet of ours through the power of yoga, Gaiam is a true leading lifestyle brand committed into making yoga, fitness and well-being as accessible to as many people as possible. In a nutshell, the brand represents planetary awareness with their all natural and extremely functional yoga products.

With their highly sought-after mat, the Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat, Gaiam is as giant as the earth itself in terms of their fusion of quality with aesthetic, as pleasing as the feeling you’ll get from owning one of their mats.

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