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The Combo Yoga Mat by Yoga Design Lab Review

The Combo Yoga Mat by Yoga Design Lab Review

If you find yourself not only being a fan of yoga but of its counterparts, like Pilates or Bikram as well, and you’re looking for a mat that suits different purposes, then look no further than Yoga Design Lab’s Combo Yoga Mat. It is basically two products in one: a yoga mat and a towel, melded together with a pretty nifty construction design.

As a manufacturer that prides itself on its great design, technical innovations, sustainability and overall impeccable quality, Yoga Design Lab has always been a frontrunner of incredibly well-made yoga mats, filled with innovative functionality, and with the use of bio-renewable materials. The Combo Yoga Mat is a living testament to that fact, and will always be one of the most innovative mats on the market today.

If you’re a fan of the slip-resistance offered by yoga mats, but know deep within you that they can be improved, then that resulting improvement you’re looking for might be found in the Combo Yoga Mat.


  • Made with a two-fold innovative design providing a highly luxurious and absorbent microfiber layer for incredible comfort sitting atop and bonded into a natural rubber base; the result is a grip that offers extreme slip resistance only yoga mats can achieve, melded into the cushioned comfort of a towel
  • Not constrained to yoga at all; enjoy a variety of other uses like Bikram, hot yoga, sweaty practice, Pilates, and other forms of general fitness exercises
  • Instantly improves your practice by reducing unnecessary towel bunching that comes with use; slip-resistant base keeps you from moving around as well; rubber base provides better grip the more sweat you produce
  • Provides extra cushioning and stability in the form of the microfiber layer; responsive grip from the natural rubber helps reduce yoga and other exercise-related injuries
  • Measures a mere 70” x 24” x 3.5mm; weighs only 4.1 lbs. for additional convenience
  • Comes with its very own durable carrying strap so you can lug it around almost anywhere, also factoring in its light weight
  • Zero odors; all mats have been tested to be free of toxic smells found in other mats, even during, and after heavy use
  • Silicone, toxic glue and phthalate free; eco-friendly and made only with biodegradable and 100% recyclable natural tree rubber; colors achieved with water-based inks; machine washable
  • Comes in a wide variety of designs varied to different personalities: Geo, Dreamscape, Breathe, Geo Blue, Tribeca Love, Chevron Black, Aegean, Tribeca Gem, Collage, Tribal Coral, Mandala Azure, Aegean Gray, Fantessa


Featuring an innovative design that’s sure to get every yoga enthusiast looking, the Combo Yoga Mat is a triumphant mold of useful functionality and impressive aesthetics. From a perspective, the Combo Yoga Mat can be considered the jewel of Yoga Design Lab’s lineup, providing much needed comfort and stability to fitness practitioners everywhere.

Using a two-fold design and manufacturing process, the Combo Yoga Mat molds the comfort and cushioning a towel can provide, with the slip-resistant surface a yoga mat gives. The result is an incredibly well-made yoga mat that soaks up your sweat while giving you the comforting touch of a towel.

It lessens the need for additional bulk provided by a towel, especially if you’re doing your yoga in other places besides your home.

The Combo Yoga Mat is great not only for yoga, but a variety of other exercises as well. The inclusion of a durable carrying strap makes it perfect for travel purposes, combined with its relatively small dimensions and light weight.

The Combo Yoga Mat also gives off no odor commonly associated with yoga mats, even under heavy use. It’s made with environment-friendly, biodegradable and fully recyclable natural tree rubber that is free from synthetic materials such as silicon, toxic glue and phthalates.

The Combo Yoga Mat is also machine-washing safe, which can help with the hassle of having to wash it by hand.


Although it offers a plethora of great features, the Combo Yoga Mat also has its pitfalls. The biggest, ironically, is that it can be very heavy once it soaks up sweat, probably due to the microfiber part of the mat.

If you’re a heavy sweater, this is something to consider especially if you will end up lugging this along to your yoga class. Machine washing also yields some small tearing, especially along the edges of the mat, so be careful of the detergents you will use.


The Combo Yoga Mat by Yoga Design Lab is in reality a good two-in-one product that you can use for purposes other than yoga. Its variety of designs, coupled with its incredible overall functionality, makes it a great choice for yoga enthusiasts looking to get rid of the bulk found in bringing additional towels to their classes.