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Tomuno for Unheated Yoga Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Review

Tomuno for Unheated Yoga Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Review

The manner in which your mat is produced and the kind of materials it was made from are crucial to your health and for your surroundings’ overall wellness. Quality materials will indeed last longer than cheaper mats made from questionable items, as has been proven many times before.

But remember that purchasing a mat with superior quality can help prevent overspending on replacements. In addition, mats that are manufactured from eco-friendly materials can assist in the decrease of production consequences and waste in landfills. It will also minimize the toxins that every individual can be exposed to.

If for you natural is the way to go, you must check out Tomuno’s Natural Rubber Yoga Mat for Unheated Yoga. Tomuno is a small business that specializes on quality eco-friendly products meant for yoga use. Here is our experience with their natural rubber yoga mat.


  • Measures 68” x 24” with a thickness of 5mm
  • Weighs 5.6 lbs.
  • Constructed with high end, superior quality natural rubber
  • Supple, soft rubber material makes for all over comfort and safety for all body types
  • 5 times thicker compared to standard yoga mats
  • Features exceptional gripping capability measured against other yoga mat products
  • Features simple, yet sleek and modern, cadet-blue color
  • Easy to maintain and wash
  • Includes 365-day return policy with 100% refund


Tomuno is recognized by avid yoga practitioners as a small company who makes products strictly for unheated yoga practice. According to the owner, they made yoga mats for unheated yoga only because they were most concerned with the grip/traction factor. They have looked for raw materials that can provide great grip while damp, and at the same time, remain unaffected by the damage that salt from human sweat causes.

However, they have discovered that plenty of natural and even plastic materials often succumb to wear and tear faster due to the sweat’s salt content. Therefore, they decided to use natural rubber material since it is capable of excellent grip and it can withstand salt.

This natural rubber yoga mat from the company is crafted from topnotch extreme-grip raw materials. The quality of the mat can be determined by way of the materials’ structure, and this particular mat assures prospective customers that it is indeed one of the most well-made gems in the business.

It has sufficient thickness, is soft and supple, and it is capable of supporting and safeguarding the user’s body from injury. The mat is also recommended for challenging yoga poses and dynamic movements.

Since the mat is made with natural rubber, you bet that it does not include harmful materials like PVCs and phthalates, which can damage the health of an individual. If you have an environmentalist streak in you, this mat will surely be on top of your yoga mat list. Natural rubber also includes microscopic air bubbles that help the mat provide great grip.

Customers who loved the item said that the mat stayed put throughout a routine. It did not curl on the edges, which can be annoying. Roll it up after a session, store it, then unroll the mat again for sessions the next day—you will see that the mat maintains its excellent form.

Plenty of customers also liked the 5mm thickness of the mat, which offers sufficient padding for users’ wrists and knees. Last but not least, the company has included a 365-day return policy for the mat in case you are disappointed with the product. But in our opinion, you won’t really have anything major to complain about this mat.

To make the mat last longer, Tomuno advises customers to avoid cleaning the mat with natural oils or any abrasive chemical cleaners. Avoid exposing the mat to direct sunlight.


Yoga enthusiasts with a limited budget would have to look somewhere else for another eco-friendly mat since this product is not exactly wallet friendly. It is meant only for unheated yoga since it is not capable of withstanding vigorous workout routines.

The mat is also made from rubber, so it has a moderate rubbery smell to it. As we have noticed though, the smell went away after continued use, so the whole smell thing was trivial.

Furthermore, the mat is not washing machine friendly and users have to be careful not to expose the mat to direct heat/sunlight. There were also users who complained about the line’s lack of colors.


This mat is for the green yoga practitioner who is into sustainable living and earth-friendly products. Tomuno’s Natural Rubber Yoga Mat for Unheated Yoga will catch the eye of nature-loving yogis. Although the product may be an afterthought for the budget conscious, this is a nice investment to make, in general, because of its exceptional quality.

Avoid constant replacements of mediocre mats by investing in something that is durable, hardwearing and provides a better grip like this Tomuno mat.