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What You Need to Know About Yoga Mat Types

What You Need to Know About Yoga Mat Types

There are many kinds of yoga mats—they are not limited to just one. Yoga has a variety of styles that will fit every enthusiast’s preferences. Categorizing a mat will depend on its characteristics and the kind of yoga that is being performed.

If you are a beginner in the whole practice and want to buy a mat for such pursuit, you have to take into account in what manner the mat will be transported, what style of yoga is performed, the stability it needs, plus the amount of padding or cushioning. This article will serve as a brief yoga mat guide for 2016 for those who want to buy their own mats.

Travel mats

Travel mats are designed for convenience thus they are not the thickest among the lot. They are ideal for folks who often travel to their classes because of their lighter weight and foldable attributes.

They can fit right inside a majority of travel bags as well. However, they are not really recommended for poses that require seating, kneeling or lying because of the lack of padding.

Ashtanga mats

Mats made for the Ashtanga practice are typically plaited from natural materials like cotton or jute. They are also perfect for Bikram and other kinds of dynamic yoga practices which might lead to plenty of sweating over the course of the routine.

The moisture from sweating that builds up during a routine assists the mat in producing enough traction, which leads to better stability for poses that require standing. Ashtanga mats are also thicker than other yoga mats and they provide enough padding for seated and lying poses.

Utopian mats

The utopian kind are for the serious yogi; this type provides slip-resistant features and lots of density to assist in a variety of poses. They are normally made from PVC material and feature a sturdiness and bubbliness that lets the mat to bounce back in a faster manner from any dents or imprints made over the course of poses.

However, because of its heavier weight, it may not be ideal for some yoga styles and preferences. If you are a frequent traveler who gives portability higher priority, you have to take into account whether you need this kind of mat or just opt for another kind.

Universal mats

The universal kind is the standard yoga mat. They can be employed for a number of yoga practices. This type of mat offers a tacky surface which is joined with a softer texture to offer users a harmonious mix of comfort and stability.

They also feature a moderately bumpy or coarse surface to provide grip and make standing poses easier. They are also ideal for seated or lying poses because of their softness.

Starter mats

The starter kind is ideal for beginners since they are made to offer a firm base and comfort rate until the newbie yogi comprehends what characteristics they want most from a yoga mat. They are always retailed as a component of a beginner’s kit. They are also affordable to fit beginners’ budgets.

Yoga mats can be bought at a variety of locations, but you will mostly find them in brick and mortar sports equipment stores. The stores usually have a good selection of mats for customers to choose from. Yoga schools also offer a selection of mats for their students along with accessories and other goods.

Department stores and mass dealers may also offer a smaller range of mats. If you are strapped for time, you can also check out online shops like Amazon, which provides immense options that will cater to the differing tastes of every individual.

Yoga enthusiasts face several choices in their effort to discover the perfect mat that will work for them, and offer an individualized rate of stability and comfort. The stickiness of a mat, its materials, texture, size and thickness should be well-balanced against one another.

Fortunately, the acceptance of this particular practice has produced a market that is significantly provided with mats and accessories from a variety of retailing platforms; thus shopping for the mat of your choice becomes easier and faster.

Keep in mind all of the suggestions mentioned in this article and you will find your dream mat in no time, regardless of what discipline you follow.

Why not compare 10 popular yoga mats and see if there is something there that suits your requirements.

Customers are always willing to give their unbiased opinion on the mats they have bought; hence you will be provided with sound opinions on the matter.